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I've loved Garnier's skin care for as long as I can remember. Whenever I've used their products I've never had a problem. This new range has come at the perfect time for me, as the cold weathers hit (which is nearly all the time in England) but my skin has been suffering and so have I. Over the past month or two I've not been able to find any product that works well with my skin like this does. Although I've only been using it for a week I've already seen a difference with how smooth and hydrated my skin is. I would only recommend these if you have very dry skin as it is extremely moisturising and will make combination/oily skin much worse. 

(there is also a toner in this range but i forgot to pick it up)

Garnier Honey Flower Cleansing Milk: £3.49

Usually when it comes to cleansers I stick to Simple's cleansing lotion as my skin loves it. I was scared to try this because of how sensitive my skin is and honestly I had no reason to worry. This removes all my makeup thoroughly in one go without being harsh on my skin and also makes it feel so nourished. It is now a an essential skin care product in my morning and night routine. The honey flower cleansing milk is made with 96% ingredients which have a natural origin.

Garnier Honey Flower Moisturiser: £5.99

This moisturiser has been so kind to my skin the past few days, my face feels so replenished. I have tried so many moisturisers over the years ranging from top of the end to cheap crappy stuff, and nothing has ever worked as good as this. It's only £5.99 and when I've applied this my skin it feels better than it ever has before, can't really go wrong for that price. I've found wearing this underneath my foundation has stopped the dry patches from flaking too. Although the bottle is only 50ml, I find a little goes a long way.. also its perfect for travelling. 

Garnier Honey Flower Gel Wash: £3.49

When I saw this I thought it could never be better than Garnier's micellar gel wash, but i was completely wrong. I use this once in the evening and work it into my skin to lather it up then either rinse it off with a cloth or in the shower. Most face/gel washes I've used feels very soapy on my skin and leaves it feeling like there is still product on my skin.. with this I don't find that at all. It makes my skin feel smooth and immaculate. 

Love Cat

(ps superdrug and asda currently have this on offer)


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